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Commercial Cleaning That Works for Your Schedule

You have a company to run. That means hitting earnings targets, reporting back to your investors, juggling resumes, comparing benefits packages, and responding to phone calls and emails at any hour of the day or night. And after you’ve done all that, you’re expected to keep your workplace clean and tidy for your employees, too?

Well, no, not exactly. That’d be a pretty ridiculous ask. But you are responsible for making sure it gets cleaned one way or another—and if you’re like most business owners in the Jackson area, that probably means hiring the services of a cleaning company. And when you do, you want to be able to ‘set and forget it’ by hiring them to come in on evenings or weekends, when everybody’s cleared out of the office.

Whether that’s on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule, Old Fashioned Janitorial Service is the expert in providing traditional janitorial work to Jackson business owners. You know, the sort where you know the person doing the cleaning service by name because they’re reliably at your workplace, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Occasional Deep Cleaning Versus Regular Cleaning – What’s Better?

Listen, if you’re looking for a guide to deep-cleaning your business, you might want to look elsewhere.

You want to know why? ‘Deep cleaning’ is a phrase we use to describe the ‘extra’ cleaning you might not get around to at your home or business. For example, if you work in a commercial kitchen, you might consider taking the grill apart to be ‘deep cleaning’ because it isn’t something you do after every service.

Likewise, ‘deep cleaning’ at your home might be to take all the items—cutlery, lunch boxes, spices—out of your kitchen cupboards so you can wash the surfaces properly.

What we’re going to say is a bit controversial, but: Old Fashioned Janitorial Service doesn’t do deep cleaning.

Just because you don’t always get around to it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done. The philosophy of ‘deep cleaning’ insists that aspects of your business can be left unfinished—or in other words, dirty—because it’s in a spot that doesn’t get high volumes of traffic.

When you hire Old Fashioned Janitorial Service to clean your business, we do the job correctly the first time. If that means mopping under the sink, it means mopping under the sink. If it involves removing your appliances to get a good vacuuming job done, that’s what we’ll do.

By regularly doing the job right, we save ourselves some energy, and you’ll save yourself some cash when it comes time to ‘spring clean’ and everything’s already been done.

Our Experience Speaks Volumes

Old Fashioned Janitorial Service has over 32 years in the cleaning industry. That’s a testament to our work ethic and our ability to form long-lasting relationships with our clients. From cramped 100-square foot offices to massive warehouse spaces, we’ve cleaned every imaginable commercial space. And you know what? Every job we do meets our strict quality guarantee. We put our reputation as Jackson’s best commercial cleaners and come out on top every single time.

Call us today to set up a cleaning schedule that works for you and your business!